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Avangate eCommerce Standard

Easy eCommerce - The Fastest Way to Sell Software Online
"Richest Platform, Best Service!"


Start selling your software worldwide without risks, with multiple payment  methods, currencies and a localized user-friendly store. Increase your software distribution by improving conversion rates and reduce costs with an easy ecommerce software platform, a user-friendly store, fully customized shopping cart and conversion rate optimization. Get access to the Avangate Affiliate Network to reach more targeted audiences
Packed with advanced features, the Avangate eCommerce Standard software platform is flexible, scalable and in line with the latest trends in SaaS and software distribution models, developed to assist you in selling your digital products as profitable as possible, fast and secure.
Integration With Your Website

Sell globally without risks: Intuitive, flexible and secure shopping cart

The Avangate eCommerce Standard software distribution platform comes with a powerful Control  Panel to help you manage your online store as easy as possible , starting right from importing  products into the system, generating buy links to setting up promotion campaigns or managing affiliates and also with a powerful eCommerce API to integrate the Avangate commerce capabilities into your application. The Avangate easy ecommerce ordering system is designed
to insure the highest conversion rates: a simple and intuitive shopping cart, customization of the ordering pages for a seamless transition from your website, A/B testing capabilities. Avangate offers  you multiple shopping cart templates and purchase flows as buying scenarios from where you can test and choose the one that performs best for you and your business.

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